About Us



With over 25 years live sound experience working with numerous musical genres from Gospel to Rock and Folk to Ska, original bands through to national tribute acts and venues from small pubs, outdoor festivals to small and medium size theatres, Audio Difference are well suited to provide a package tailored to suit your needs.    A number of “active” audio systems are available all manufactured by market leader RCF and can accommodate background “lounge” music or full blown concert levels for around 900 people. Control of these systems can be via traditional analogue mixing desk or current Digital systems and there is even a totally wireless system if space constraints make it difficult or intrusive to position a conventional mixer within the venue. 



We're passionate about quality. It's not simply volume that counts but also an even distribution and intelligibility throughout the listening area, be the source material music or speech.

The use of premium brands for our audio systems ensures quality, audibility and reliability time after time after time.

This could be wasted in the hands of less experienced engineers, so Audio Difference crew have many years experience to draw upon to ensure that you get the results you're after.



Create a visual impact that your audience will remember with a great light show.

The effectiveness of great lighting cannot be under estimated and helps take the energy of your performance to another level.

Is your event outdoors? Not a problem with our IP65 rated fixtures.