PA Packages


Audio Difference provide PA systems of various physical sizes and power outputs to accommodate your requirements but there are 4 basic systems to choose from.   All systems are manufactured by RCF and are “active” which means they feature built in digital power amplifiers which minimises stage space required by eliminating the need for a separate bulky amp rack. An added bonus of the onboard digital power amplifier is reduced power consumption so the largest of systems will run happily off a normal domestic ring main power supply.


System 1 (3.5Kw)

“Small to Medium Sized Venue Acoustic Rig”

2 x 4PRO 8003-AS, 18” active subs (1000w rms each)

2 x ART 722-A, 12” full range enclosure (750w rms) pole mounted.   

System 2 (3.4Kw)

“Small to Medium Sized Venue Band Rig”

2 x 4PRO 8003-AS, 18” active subs (1000w rms each)

2 x 4PRO 3031-A, 15” + 1½” Compression driver, full range enclosure (600w rms)   

System 3 (7Kw)

“Medium to Large Sized Venue Band Rig”

4 x 4PRO 8003-AS, 18” active subs (1000w rms each)

2 x TT25A, 15” full range enclosure (1500w rms)   

System 4 (12Kw)

“Large Indoor Venue or Smaller Outdoor Event Band Rig”

8 x 4PRO 8003-AS, 18” active subs (1000w rms each)

2 x TT25-A, 15” full range enclosure (1500w rms)

2 x 4PRO 3031-A, 15" full range enclosure (600w rms)


Lighting Packages


Whether it be a simple static colour wash or a full stage lighting show, Audio Difference have lighting fixtures that will cater for your requirements.

LED fixtures produce very little heat and consume very little energy compared to the discharge lamps of old and for this reason, our lighting stock is of the LED variety.

Par cans, inteligent moving head wash and beam fixtures, scanners and matrix panels are all available to help lift your show to the next level and if you need lighting for an outdoor event, we even have IP65 rated water resistant par cans too.

And let's not forget that these fixtures also need a method of control. Depending upon your requirement we can use stand alone, hardware desk or computer software so the potential of the technology is harnessed to it's full.

Contact us to see how we can build a light show that will captivate your audience and help inspire your performance.

And There's More


Of course any event will most likely require sound and/or lighting but what about staging, backline amplification, drumkits and crew.

Why not contact Audio Difference and find out how we can help build your show or event.