Audio Mixers

Allen & Heath GLD80


The mixer is the heart and soul of the PA system. It's the tool the engineer uses to help mould and shape your sound.

The flagship in the Audio Difference inventory is the GLD80 digital console which houses all the tools needed to control and enhance the source material.

40 inputs carried from the stage by a light weight, unobtrusive Cat5 cable.

Mackie DL32R


Not all venues or circumstances lend themselves to sighting a physical audio mixer in the middle of the venue which is prime territory for fans or guests. Enter the Mackie DL32R. As the name implies, it provides 32 microphone inputs in one discreet rack case. There is absolutely no control surface or multi-core and your engineer works via an i-pad and can be positioned at any suitable location within the venue without imposing his presence on your audience.

In addition to it's unobtrusive nature at your show, the DL32R allows for multi-channel recording of your show straight to computer hard drive within the unit.

Mackie Onyx 24-4


Heading the Analogue line-up, the Onyx 24-4 features 20 Mic input channels plus 2 dedicated stereo channels, 4 band eq and 6 auxiliary sends per channel.

This desk is quality "Old School" material and can still hold it's own against many of the digital new comers. It's the desk of choice for many outdoor shows.

The Onyx 24-4 retains that lovely analogue "warmth" which is so rare in this digital age.